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What will you choose for your life??

Posted on: May 27, 2007

Yesterday, I’ve watched one of my favourite film “Heroes” maybe a lot of you know about this film. There’s something interested after I’ve watched this films, one question. If you can choose your life which one will you choose?? a happy life or a meaning life??

A lot of us must say,”I want my life being happy but have a lots of meaning”. But we can choose both, we just can choose one to be something that underlie our life. What is the distinction between being happy and meaning?? If you want your life to be happy you just focus in present, you don’t have to worry about the past and don’t have some obsession in the future. It means you will try to make your life being happy everyday, don’t care about yesterday and tomorrow. But if you choose a meaning life, you not only do focus in present but also evaluate yesterday and making some obsession for the future. What about present?? we must also try to make our life being happy in the present. Yups, but we always use everyday to make something better than yesterday.

I think we have some arguments to answer this question. Everything you say is right nobodies wrong because we face this life by own style, destiny, and purpose to get what we want. Happy and enjoy your life!!


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kl mas pilih yang mana,???…
pilihan yang sulit,

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